Photo Shoot

Hey guys I know I've been quiet lately but I've been busy working my 9-5 and organizing a photo shoot eeeek! #excited So today was the day I had been long waiting for, the 5th of July 2020 (I know this was a month ago but I had to wait for the #edits so you can stop rolling your eyes at me now) my first #promotional #shoot to showcase some of my products. After weeks of searching for the perfect venue I teamed up with Bridal Reloved Shrewsbury (the fact that I made her my friend at a #wedding fair has nothing to do with it, promise).

The setting at #BridalRelovedShrewsbury is amazing, its an old building which is believed to be #haunted. Its 3 stories and apparently the ghost lives on floor 3 which is empty. The shop and fitting room we used are on ground and first. When I arrived I needed to steam the robes and guess where they decide to send me, 3rd bloody floor! Tell you what, good job I didn't know about the old dear ghost that lives up there till later or I wouldn't have gone up there by myself. Yup I'm a wimp! Anyway the look I was going for was a bridal suit on the morning of a wedding and the #fittingroom was perfect for this. It was just stunning. I mean look at this - without ghosts that is! (please don't go looking for little orbs in the photo!)

The models were absolutely loving the day, messing around being able to wear the gorgeous #multiwaysdress from the shop and of course our blushing bride in her gorgeous #weddingdress

The main aim of the day was to show off my #personalised #bridal #robes, but the setting also lent itself perfectly to capture my unique handcrafted resin wine butler and coasters alongside my #wine glasses and #gift #box and all the other #glamorous bits a bobs that I make. The #glasses were, of course perfect for a cheeky drink, good job we only had 1 bottle to go around or this could have got #messy.

We set everything up in just the right places, it was so hard to choose the spots as there were so many features we could have used - and anyone that knows me will know not to give me too much choice or we will be here all day!, but I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted everything to look (well I thought I did). With the models ready and my handmade keepsakes in place the #photographer, #Peachypix (also a good friend - good to know the right people sometimes) got going with me directing. I mean really who am I kidding, I was directing everyone to the #bottle! Luckily Steph (owner of Bridal Reloved Shrewsbury) has been part of much bigger shoots and kept guiding me as did Suzy (photographer). They both knew what I was trying to achieve so we made a great #team .

As this was all new to me, I may have been a little overzealous (big word for me I know and it just makes me want to sing the song Issues - yes I have issues. but you got them too), I just wanted everything to be perfect. Luckily Suzy, the photographer was very patient and managed to get the #perfect #shots . We only spent 3 hours taking photos of the glasses and trying to make sure there was no glare! I blame my friend Dawn AKA #Scottishpixi who also crafts, but has been helping me up my photo game. Her little Scottish voice screaming at me about shadows and glares. honestly that day she was a B*#%H in my head! (still a glare)

One of the hardest things I have found while building #SalsForeverFlowers and #SalsSentimentalGifts is photography…. I have always found it hard to photograph my products to do them justice, between the Scottish Pixi and Suzy I was given some great pointers to carry forward. Check out my Instagram for some of my latest photos @salsforeverflower @sals_sentimental_gifts