Turtley Awsome Pebble Art Frame By Sals Sentimental Gifts

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Hi Everyone!

It’s me again. So today I am going to talk about my pebble art. I thought it’s the most appropriate place to start as it’s the first thing I ever made. I’ve even got tech savvy and had an attempt at making an amazing time lapse video for you all to watch, (It not great its blurry and c*#p, but the point is I tried). Promise it will get better in time, I’m new to all this, although my mum always said don’t make promises you can’t keep, so maybe I won’t promise. This order is going to Ireland! It’s a cute little mini frame. It has two little turtles on a beach scene. Seeing as Father’s Day is around the corner, I am going to assume it’s for that. Call me weird (I am) but I often make up stories about my frames and why the customer may be ordering it. It could be any story, a love story, a I hate you but have to buy you a gift story, a sad story… you get the point. I love having to send orders abroad (anything out of Shropshire may as well be abroad). It makes me feel famous I know, absolute saddo! #nutcase #famous #shoplocal . The furthest I’ve ever had to post a parcel is the USA, I mean that’s off the scale famous isn’t it?! People in America buying my products. Small time Sal, here, in a small town in Shropshire. Gosh I must be good (said in a sarcastic voice)! Omg, here I go again, off on a tangent!

Where was I? The frame! They take ages to make. This one was so fiddly as it’s got the tiniest little pebbles in it. All worth it in the end. I use two different glues for my pebble art and either a high-quality smooth card or a linen textured card. This frame is done on smooth.

The worst part about pebble art is finding pebbles to match. Any normal artist is organised and has nice little jars and boxes for their pebbles, all arranged in shapes colour and sizes. I have a box, a big box. I just store all my pebbles in there. That’s organised for me! So, this is why it takes me hours to find all the pebbles to match.

I mess around for hours trying to make them fit and look good, I can be quite particular about the way the pebbles fit. I guess that’s good for my customers as they won’t get some rubbish that’s just been thrown together, it’s not so good for my back or eyes. As you know from my last blog, I was described to look at all the small details #perfectionist #particular #detailed .

My mini frames come in 3 different colours #black #white and #grey they are approximately 13x13 cm big, the actual aperture is 10x10 cm, so I don’t have much space to play within the mini’s. I was talking about phasing them out as they are so fiddley, but they are nice for something small and personalised if the customer is on a tight budget for a gift.

Most of my products can be personalised as they are all made to order #bespoke. The pebble art frames are really very popular. Especially the robins and memorial frames. Being able to add names dates and quotes is a big thig for my customers.

As a small business I thrive to get positive feedback and I love getting messages from my customers, saying how ecstatic they are with their purchase. It gives me a great sense of joy and achievement knowing I have put a smile on someone’s face. Anyway, I think I have waffled on enough for now. Well done and a huge thank you if you have managed to read this far! I will leave you with this time-lapse video

Adios Amigos ;)

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