Who Is Sal?

The face behind the scenes

Hi Guys!

So, this is my first ever blog, so bear with me while a waffle and find my feet!

I thought I would start my first blog with who I am.

So, who am I? My name is Sal and I am a mum of 2 wonderful teenagery teens (you can take that as you please)

No two days are the same in our house, no ground hog day here, no mum can I have, mum what time is it, mum what’s for dinner! Yea who am I kidding same s***t different day!

I love to craft and make things, so much so that I got myself a little business going on here. Totally by accident may I add.

I mean I had no intention of having a business, I went to town one day and saw some pebble art and thought hmm that’s nice, picked it up, saw the price and nearly dropped it! I mean WTF! Who pays these prices right! So, I took myself to the beach and made my own. Being totally naive to the fact that its illegal to pick pebbles from the beach!

I made myself some art and felt very proud of myself, I mean who would have known you need all sort of special glue and stuff! It fell apart! Can you believe it, my beautiful work all a mess. So, tried and tried again, I soon learnt what works with what and I made my first masterpiece. A frame for my daughter’s teacher. She was leaving year 6, her last year at ‘little school’, Moving on to big school, bigger and brighter things. Little did she know this is when s**t gets real! Bright and starry eyed ready to move up to her new school. Poor little sod! Anyway, I’m going off down the memory lane, let me get back to the point. The frame! It was a hit! The teacher loved it and so did my friends and within the first week I had been asked to make 3 more. I soon ran out of pebbles. Now what do I do?! I joined some forums and soon learned that I can’t pick anymore pebbles, off to the life of online shopping we go! Within a few weeks before I knew it, I was making a Facebook page. I didn’t realise how quickly things would grow. I had my first official order and guess what, I soon learnt why the shop was charging the prices it was for these frames! Ordering pebbles, using different cards and glues, the frames and rest! I had so much to learn, talk about throwing myself in the deep end!

Well that’s the story about how I started, over two years later and here I am with a little business which is growing every day, a nice following via social media and my first blog post! I mean talk about living my best life and aiming for the stars, what next… a vlog! (I think not! I hate being on camera).

Anyway, this was supposed to be about me, and give you a little insight as to who I am, I live in a house, have 2 kids a worse half (he has to be the worse half as I’m the better half) and a cat. I drive a car; I work full time and I craft blah blah blah. You don’t want to know all this mundane stuff! I will hand it over to others to say a little about who I am 

Hi, my name is Kal. I’m the daughter who got talked about so nicely in the text above. I’m also my mum’s personal human spell check. What can I say about my mum? She is very creative, sometimes I don’t even know how she makes her beautiful products. She is a perfectionist though, which is great for whoever’s buying her things, not so great for me who helps with the chores and gets rated out of 10 for hoovering skills. Outside of this sometimes extremely hectic work she is a great mum who thinks she’s hilarious. Emphasis on the “thinks”. Anyway, that’s all from me hopefully I won’t get pestered about writing this anymore. ;)

Hi I’m the husband Adam (worse half). Well that’s what Sal calls me, but I guess there’s got to be something she likes about me or she wouldn’t be with me. Sal’s a small details kind of person. I know I try to clean the house and I’m doing it again an hour later as it’s not good enough. But it’s a good thing when it comes to her gowns and resin creations, or disasters in some cases - of the kitchen side (what she thinks is her workshop). I still haven’t told her about the resin in her hair yet, guess she will find out now.

Hi my name is Davina. I had the wonderful honour of working with Sal in our 9-5 roles. Take that how you will What can I say about Sal? Her creativity and passion is second to none. I don’t think there is anything this lady couldn’t turn her hand to. I have had first experience of ordering a lovely hydro flask off her within weeks of witnessing her amazing work…something nice and cold to put drinks in that enabled it to remain ice cold all day….sometimes a tipple of gin but hey enough said about that! The turn- around was quick and was made to perfection!

As her business grows so has our friendship, her humour and fun loving character has been a pleasure to get to know. I’m in awe how she juggles her family, a job and her business…..so much so I’ve renamed her Sal the Superwoman!!

Don’t worry you can pay me later Sal

Well guys that’s a wrap for now. If I get anymore lovely comments like these my head may not fit through the door!

I will be back soon with some new content, something more substantial next time not just me blarting on about myself.

I hope you all have a better understanding of who I am now – Class Clown may come to mind.

Ciao for now from me and the cat!

(Promise I am not a crazy cat lady ;) )